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October 25, 2019

Dear NACSN members:

Golden Autumn season just arrived! I wish that everyone has a great year so far!

It was my great honor to be elected as the president-elect in 2018. Now, it is time for me to start to act as the President of North America Chinese Society for Nutrition (NACSN) for the 2019-2020 term. I am humbled by your trust and faith, and hope to reach every single one of you through this message.


Established in 2012, members of NACSN are people like you with Chinese descent. The goal of NACSN is to serve you and help you be successful in education, research and professional development.

In June 2019, American Society for Nutrition (ASN) had Nutrition 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. More than 3000 nutrition professionals around the world attended this event. Under the guidance of ASN and with the help of Chinese Society for Nutrition (CSN), NACSN successfully organized the China International Forum (CIF), a symposium that has been part of the conference for several years. Members of CSN, ASN and NACSN came to give wonderful presentations. We invited Dr. David Allison to give a presentation entitled “Common Breaches in the Rigor of Dietary Supplement, Alternative Medicine, and Other Nutrition and Obesity Research”. Each year, CIF attracted significant attendance. It has become an iconic event for participants with Chinese descent and those from Institutes in China.

In September 2019, CSN organized the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition and the 14th China Nutrition Science Congress in Nanjing, China. About 3600 nutrition and food professionals around the world participated the conference. NACSN members such as Drs. Guoxun Chen, Dongmin Liu, Ling Zhao and Jinrong Zhou, attended this conference. Some of them presented in the Global Chinese Nutrition Scientist Forum and other symposiums. All these have demonstrated the relationship of NACSN with other professional associations to find opportunities for its members.

Now, the new (2019-2020) leadership team has formed as shown in the table. An excellent and ambitious group of people with interests in nutrition have joined and agreed to serve. They represent students, registered dietitians, business founders, researchers and faculty members in federal or academic institutes in America and Canada. One common characteristic shared by them is that they have Chinese descent.  Their professional network and activities demonstrate the diversity of this team. I would like to thank them for their volunteering spirit to serve.

In the following months, we will initiate activities to strengthen the networking, provide training for our members and community, preparing for activities in the Nutrition 2020. We will also start campaign to expand our membership size. ASN will have Nutrition 2020 in Seattle, Washington from May 30 to June 2, 2020. It will be a great opportunity to meet you and other colleagues around the world. You can discuss your research with them and enhance your friendship. I encourage that you prepare to submit your abstracts and plan to attend.

Nutrition is the science to study the processes responsible for human body to grow, renew and maintain healthy. It is involved in every aspect of human health, from bench side to bed side.  The demands of services at individual, community, national and global levels have been expanding rapidly. More and more nutrition professionals with Chinese descent will come to North America and receive education and training, and may even start to work here. NACSN is a great place for you to build professional networking regardless whether you are a student, a postdoc, a junior faculty member and a businessman. This leadership team of NACSN will work hard to serve you and build as a bridge or platform for you to have a prosperous career in nutrition field.

Respectively yours,


Guoxun Chen, PhD

President, 2019-2020

BOD Members: 

Dr. Guoxun Chen, University of Tennessee,;

Dr. Ling Zhao, University of Tennessee,;

Dr. Shu Wang, Texas Tech University,;

Dr. Jay Cao, USDA ARS Grand Forks,; 

Dr. Huanbiao Mo Georgia State University,



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